NORSTRAT, What is it and Why they Important for Canada

NORSTRAT, What is it? and Why they Important for Canada?

What is it Norstrat? NORSTRAT Consulting Inc. helps clients implement Canada’s Northern Strategy. Lee Carson runs NORSTRAT. Mr. Carson is a respected member of Canada’s aerospace and defence community who loves all things polar. NORSTRAT Consulting believes the Northern Strategy is Canada’s most important, challenging, and exciting 21st-century programme. NORSTRAT’s MISSION In 1885, these people […]

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Anomaly Detection in Manufacturing Will Save You Time and Money

Anomaly Detection in Manufacturing Will Save You Time and Money Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash   Whether you’re making custom-made soap with one of those 100-year-old manual presses or are in charge of a complex metal smelting process, every equipment malfunction along the way can be a massive spanner in the works. Therefore, being […]

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B2B Ecommerce supply chain

Payment Options for B2B Commerce Versus Outsourcing Accounts

A lot has been happening in the FinTech world to make payments between B2B companies easier. That said, there are still advantages to outsourcing the accounts function of your business to a third party. Here we explore both alternatives.  B2B eCommerce and the Supply Chain B2B equals business-to-business. B2B eCommerce encompasses eCommerce transactions that take […]

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