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Can you narrate your UPSC Mock interview?

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Like some of many, I was also one of the faces of UPSC Mock Interview 2019 and 2020. So let me narrate you the story of my Interview.

Questions which were asked largely based on my profile, current affairs and cues from my previous responses. The interaction was very good and let me be in the final list

CSE 2019 Interview:

In was scheduled on 28th July 2020. And mine assigned board was of Shri B S Bassi ji’s Board. Though I am not able to recall all the questions but still will try to write most of them.

Chairman –

    • You have done your B. Com (Hons) and M. Com, now you don’t want to continue with commerce?
  • What all areas of Commerce that can be helpful in civil services?
  • According to the organisational behaviour, what are the qualities of a good organisations?

M1 –

  • What is red-tape, how valid is it being used against bureaucracy?
  • Suppose you are an officer and you come across with red-tape in your office, how you are going to deal with it?
  • What kind of structural changes has been made in MSMEs?
  • What percentage of MSMEs will be going to get benefited from the measure?

M 2 –

  • What are the corporate governance measures that has been taken by the government to improve accountability and transparency?
  • Can you explain the Power sector issues and what is the government doing about them?
  • Can you talk about any two main reasons for the power sector issues?

M 3

  • Judge the public service delivery of India since independence on five performance metrics. You have 15 mins to think about it.
  • As a collector how you are going to solve these issues?

M 4

  • Usually, what kind of YouTube videos do you watch? (Hobby)
  • Can you briefly explain, the current state of India Nepal relations?
  • We have great people-to-people relations. What’s the year of this treaty?
  • So, what has been the issue from our side we need to solve?
  • Final Question, is it good to have middlemen in defence deals?

Okay, so I’ll ask another one – are chartered accountants necessary for taxation filing?

As M 4 finished, Chairman Sir asked me to remove my mask for photo verification and told me that my interview was over. Final Score — 187/275

The confidence I had in interview was inbuilt by EDEN IAS (& DICS) MOCK INTERVIEW. The panel of the interview of EDEN IAS was very cooperative. They gave very detail review. Here (in EDEN IAS) I got review about my attire, to sitting position to the areas where I need to work upon, how critical I should be etc.

Though I had given mock interviews at various places, but EDEN IAS Mock Interview was best among the rest.



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