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About the Cuemath Learning App And Its Math Games 

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Cuemath is a free learning tool for children in kindergarten through tenth grade. It provides students with problem-solving training, live online seminars with coding and math tutors, math games, and other resources to help them improve their IQ. 

It is developing the world’s most comprehensive educational app for children. Every month, over 400,000 children use the Cuemath learning & math games to improve their maths skills. They keep their word: 10 minutes of daily brain training on the learning app will turn you into an Olympian problem solver. 

What is Math Gym, and How Many Math Games is it Equipped With? 

Math Gym is a brain-training program. 

  • Math gym is a free brain training tool included with our learning software that includes 50+ math games, brain games, math puzzles, and math riddles to help youngsters improve their memory, focus, speed, IQ, calculation, and accuracy. 
  • It includes elementary arithmetic games (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) as well as difficult brain games (reasoning, aptitude, geometry, algebra, coding, data-ai, and so on). 

How Might the Cuemath Multiplicative Math Game Benefit Children? 

Multiplication games help you learn your tables. 

  • Because it is critical for children to grasp that multiplication is a series of additions, we provide free multiplication activities for children in our learning app.
  • Learn any multiplication table and put your skills to the test by playing multiplication games in various sequences such as forward, reverse, or dodge.
  • Learning to multiply two numbers in under a second will improve a child’s computation speed. 

How Can These Math Games Assist Children to Improve Their Learning Skills? 

  • The math and cognitive games are adaptable. After measuring a child’s skills and limitations, the difficulty level adjusts depending on the questions attempted. We also provide comprehensive data to track development. 
  • The brain and math games are made to make learning interesting and enjoyable for children. Cuecoins are awarded after each try, while math stones are awarded after each level. 
  • Playing maths gym for 10 minutes a day can improve a child’s IQ and cognitive skills.

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How do Cuemath Learning App’s Live Maths Classes Assist You? 

  • The learning app now allows you to book and manage the Cuemath signature live online math and coding sessions for kids. The classes, however, are held on a laptop or PC. The classes, however, are held on a laptop or PC. 
  • The live online classes are not recorded. Expert maths tutors provide them, making learning dynamic and assisting with problem resolution. 
  • While booking a free live online lesson through the Cuemath app, you get a complete glance at the profile of the experienced math teacher allocated to you. 
  • For successful learning, the live online classes include a mix of worksheets (with autocorrect), arithmetic games, and other interactive tools. The curriculum is aligned with all school boards. 
  • We also give in-depth analytics to track classwork and assignment progress. 
  • These courses were developed by IIT and Cambridge experts and are available for kids in Kindergarten, class 1 to class 10

What are Fibonacci Numbers and Their Formula? 

The Fibonacci numbers, usually abbreviated as Fn, are a mathematical sequence in which both previous numbers add up to the same number. The series usually begins with 0 and 1, although some people skip the first two terms and begin with 1 and 1 or 1 and 2. Starting with 0 and 1, the following values are in order: 

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 

The formula for calculating the (n + 1)th number in the Fibonacci sequence is as follows: 

Fn = Fn-1 + Fn-2 

Fn-1 is the nth Fibonacci number, while Fn-2 is the (n – 1)th Fibonacci number. 


Cuemath instructors give in-depth knowledge of all concepts of maths and in their learning app they track the assignment, submission, and progress of the child.

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