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I already joined in the UPSC Coaching academy integrated course for 3 years. How do I prepare with my UG course?

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The minimum eligibility for CSE is having a bachelor’s level degree. So, people just wait till the time they have not completed their undergraduate programme. Now a days people are so aware that, they do not wait till the completion of their graduation rather they just start preparing simultaneously for UPSC Coaching with their undergraduate course.

When one is doing graduation, they have two options:

  1. UPSC Weekend Classes with your regular under graduate classes.
  2. UPSC Regular Foundation Classes with your open graduation classes.

For students who are intelligent, college is the ideal starting point to prepare for the IAS exam. The three years in the college allow enough time to study properly and gain the benefits of getting started in the early stages.  Let’s decode how to prepare with graduation course:

  1. a) Develop Reading Habit:
  • After taking the foundation classes, try to go and study the related topic from the book. (If done with NCERTs then start reading advance books.). Reading every single page from one page to the final page is not an ideal method to read.
  • Make reading newspaper your habit. It is must to read newspapers.
  1. b) Learn Doing Analysis:
  • Learning analysis is very important. This skill isn’t something you can learn overnight. It must be developed gradually and with a lot of dedication.
  • Analysis is simply related to how and why?
  • Try to integrate the topics with subjects and syllabus.
  1. c) Create a multidimensional way of Thinking:
  • Pick up any issue that is currently on the news and attempt to analyse it objectively from all angles.
  • Every issue has a social dimension, political dimension, institutional dimension, cultural dimension, environmental dimension and economic dimension (SPICEE).
  • It is essential to analyse an issue using all of these angles. This will allow you to expand your perspective.
  1. d) Develop Writing Skills:
  • The second stage of CSE is the mains examination and is of subjective nature.
  • It appears easy since everyone has been doing it throughout our academic lives, but it requires more knowledge.
  • EDEN IAS in its foundation course also provides writing practice. The course is designed in such a way that you also get some questions for practicing answer writing. So you will be in habit of writing answers too.

Best UPSC Coaching Course after Class 12 for IAS

EDEN IAS Foundation courses titled UTKARSH (1 Years) and LAKSHYA (2 Years and 3 Years) is specifically designed to meet the educational needs that college students have.

Highlights of the Foundation Courses:

  • Lectures taken from zero level to advance level to advance to make every student comfortable.
  • One to one interaction in class and after class with the faculty.
  • EDEN Major Tests after each year to know the depth of the understanding of preparation.
  • Enrichment Courses: These are basically Mains related courses such as Ethics, Essay, Special classes relate to Budget and Survey.
  • Current Affairs Editorial Classes.
  • Answer Writing Practice through SUGAM and STEPS

Finally, it is important to understand that everyone’s motivations and method of achieving the desired goal are different. It is not a good idea to compare oneself with anyone else. Each aspirant will have their own strengths and weaknesses, too. Do not forget the uniqueness of your journey. Believe in the uniqueness you have found!!

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