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DMX Update: The official cause of death for Rapper DMX (“Dark Man X”) has been revealed

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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE), DMX Update: Rapper DMX has revealed his official cause of death. Vulture reports that DMX died of a cocaine-induced heart attack, which caused a decrease in blood flow to his brain.

Earl Simmons was DMX’s legal name and he died in Westchester County, New York on April 9. He was admitted to the hospital on April 2, where TMZ previously reported that he had suffered a drug overdose.

Simmon’s family released a statement following his death. They said that Earl was a soldier who fought until the end.

“He loved his family with all his heart and we treasure the memories we shared with him. Earl’s music was loved by millions around the globe, and his legacy will be remembered forever.

DMX UPDATE: DMX, a rapper well-known for his struggles as well as his music, has passed away, his family said in a statement. He was fifty.

“We are deeply sorry to announce today that our beloved one, DMX (birth name Earl Simmons), passed away at 50 years old at White Plains Hospital with his loved ones by his side. He had been placed on life support for the last few days,” reads a family statement.

According to Murray Richman, his attorney, the artist was in the hospital last week after suffering a heart attack at home in New York.

DMX (Dark Man X), began rapping in the early 1990s and released “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot” in 1998.

The deaths of The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur have caused a stir in hip-hop. Before Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G., DMX was a rising star in hardcore hip-hop and was the first artist to be signed to Ruffhouse Records.

His single, “Ruffryders Anthem”, was a huge commercial and critical success.

Over the years, the rapper released many albums, including “…And then There Was X”, which was his most successful album. It was released in 1999 and was nominated in the best rap category for a Grammy. It was one of three Grammy nominations that the rapper received.

He sold millions of albums, aided by hits like “Get At Me Dog”, in 1998, and “Party Up” in 1999. “X Gon’ give it to Ya” was his 2003 hit.

His growing fame led him to an acting career. He appeared in many films, including “Romeo Must Die” (with his wife, Susan), and “Cradle2 The Grave”.

His professional accomplishments were often eclipsed by his problems with substance abuse and running into the law. In 2017, he pleaded guilty to tax fraud and was sentenced to one-year imprisonment.

DMX canceled a concert tour in 2019 to get treatment for his addiction. He stated at the time that he was putting family and sobriety before all else. He spoke to GQ that year about his struggles.

He said, “I only need to have a purpose.” “And I don’t even know my purpose because God gave me it before I was born, so I’m going to fulfill that purpose regardless of whether I want it or not. The story is already written. You can only appreciate the good things, but you must also accept the bad.

CNN affiliate News 12 reported that 500 people gathered in front of the White Plains hospital, New York, where the actor and rapper are being treated.

Murray Richman, DMX’s long-time attorney, confirmed to CNN Sunday that DMX suffered a heart attack on Friday at 11 p.m. He was transported via ambulance to a local hospital.

Richman stated that Richman had told Richman that the artist was using a ventilator. Richman said that he didn’t know why the rapper had a heart attack.

CNN reached out Tuesday to representatives of DMX update.

His representatives released a statement over the weekend asking for good wishes and asking that everyone include him in their prayers. His condition has not changed.”

The statement stated that he was in a coma at the moment and is on a ventilator. The family is grateful for all the prayers and love from around the globe. As we receive updates, the family will notify everyone. If you don’t mind, please respect the privacy of our family.

News 12 reports that police had to close the street to accommodate a large crowd who were there to pray for the artist, who was born in Yonkers and has over the years given back to the community through feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving and giving to the local community center he attended as a youth.

DMX was a rap juggernaut that preached faith, and resilience and was a rap juggernaut.

Will Lavin writes that the rapper, who died at 50, had his trauma on his sleeves and more than earned his redemption.

Earl Simmons, also known as DMX (an abbreviation for Dark Man X), was much more than a rapper. His rags to riches story inspired a new generation. He was also a street preacher who believed in God and unshakeable faith.

A musician who died at 50, had to learn quickly. He was born in Mount Vernon, New York, in 1970. His father abandoned him at an early age and his mother struggled with raising him. He would move between an abusive family, boys’ homes, and juvenile institutions in Yonkers. He was smart and mischievous as a child, but his journey into a troubled teenager involved car chases and robberies. His passion for rapping gave his purpose. His love for stray dogs provided companionship and inspired his signature barking.

DMX is known for his high-octane anthems as well as his deeply reflective raps. He was first featured in The Source’s “Unsigned” column. Then, he rose to prominence with the release of It’s Dark and Hell is hot his major-label debut. The album was released on Def Jam’s powerhouse label in May 1998. It led to a revival of hardcore rap and earned critical and commercial success. This came at a time when hip-hop was dominated by a more upbeat sound (known collectively as the “jiggy”) era.

In the first lines of “Slippin'”, his 1998 hit single, X stated that he could see a brighter future. He raps “I’ve gone through mad different phases/ Like mazes to find the way/ And now, I know that happy times are not far off” and vows throughout to get up and be a better person.

DMX performs in New York’s Barclays Centre, New York in 2019

(Theo Wargo/Getty)

After serving time on federal tax evasion cases, he was released from prison in January 2019. He was on the 20th-anniversary tour of his debut album and was currently working on Undisputed 2, which he had released in January 2019. In interviews, he stated that the record would feature features from Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg as well as Alicia Keys, Usher, and the late Pop Smoke. He also shared that he collaborated with Bono from U2 on “Skyscrapers”.


1. What was the biggest hit song by DMX?

“X GoGiveve it to Ya” DMX’s most well-known song, “X Gon Get It To Ya”, is our #1 choice. The song is from DMX’s album The X Files. It’s also the first single from the Cradle 2 the Grave soundtrack. This 2003 action movie stars Jet Li and DMX.

2. What are the top songs by DMX?

1998 saw the release of DMX’s debut album, It’s dark and hell is hot. The album reached number one on the Billboard 200 and was certified 4x platinum.

DMX discography
Compilation albums 7
Music videos 24
EPs 1
Singles 47

3. What is DMX known for?

Earl Simmons was born December 18, 197,0 and died April 9, 2021. He was an actor and rapper from the United States.

4. Is DMX the greatest rapper of all time?

He is one of the most well-known and successful New York rappers. His unsettling growl and raucous bark will be forever etched in hip-hop’s history. He was able to win the title as most gangster rapper in a post-Biggie and ‘Pac rap scene.

5. Is Tupac like DMX?

Many people have suggested that DMX could be the successor to Tupac’s rap legacy. His album “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot” has already reached number one on the pop charts. His single “Get at Me Dog”, however, has been cited during recent Senate hearings regarding advisory stickers as an example of violent lyrical material.

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