Top kurti and their suitable body shape

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Kurti is the modernized wear of the northern side ladies. The people of north India usually wear this type of dress every day. They wear the same Kurti with different styles and designs for special occasions. They are like a traditional dress for them. This Kurti will be suitable for all types of bodies. If the person is fat or thin, it will show everyone like same. This is the speciality of this dress. These dress in more comfortable to wear. With the textile industry’s improvement, designers are eager to make many designs to attract people. Kurti is now getting famous in all types of states and places. Online shopping helps the sellers of Kurti to reach customers easily.

Types of Kurti

For every dress, we have lots of designs and styles updated daily. Likewise, the ladies wear have variety and decent looks for them. The dress’s color will fit depending on the look of the person. Normally, light suits for fair color people and dark colors for light color people. But Kurti is different. This style of dress in this Textilemegastore will suit all types of people.

The Kurti is available in the physical store as well as an online store. An online store like s4u Kurtis will sell you the latest model of the Kurti at a lower price. There are different varieties of Kurtis in the market. Let’s see the top Kurtis in the market. There are plenty of online stores that only supply Kurti at wholesale prices. The quality of the cloth is also acceptable to the customers.

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A-line Kurti


This A-line Kurti is at the top of selling. This model can be worn at any special event. This dress looks simple, and at the same time, it gives you a decent look. This will show you are separate from others in the group. The design of this Kurti fits all types of Apple-shaped and pear-shaped bodies. This is best for casual wear with the combination of leggings, jeans, salwar and all types of dresses. This Kurtis price depends on the fabric’s design and quality. The price starts at Rs300 in India.

Anarkali Kurti


This Kurti is more famous at the time of release. Everyone wants to wear the Anarkali Kurti. Most people have bought more than 5000 dresses within a month. This is the best Kurti to wear at weddings, offices, festivals, wedding-related functions, etc. This Kurti is the best fit for the persons with a Pear-shaped body, apple-shaped body, rectangle-shaped body and hourglass-shaped body. To increase the look of this dress, wear ethnic jewels, an overcoat, Kolhapuri chapels etc.; for the bottom, wear leggings and churidar.

Flared Kurti

The person looks lean and slim can wear this type of Kurti. This Kurti will look pretty on special occasions. This dress is also suitable for everyday wearing. Without any wearing, the dress will look modern and stylish. The person wearing flared Kurti must wear high heels and a thin strap watch to make it look elegant. The needed person can buy this w brand Kurtis wholesale price in an online store or visit the physical stores available in different areas. This Kurti is not suitable for an apple-shaped body; this dress will clearly show the person’s structure. It will also look good for the regular type body with modern accessories. Leggings are the only bottom that is suited to the flared Kurti. 

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