What exactly is an MT4 broker?

What exactly is an MT4 broker? Advantages of the MT4 forex platform

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MetaTrader 4 and xtb trading reviews is a well-known and reputable trading platform used by traders worldwide. As a result, it has become a standard in online forex trading for millions of traders. MetaQuotes Software Corp. produced MetaTrader 4 in 2005. Trading in forex, CFDs, commodities, stocks, and indices is possible on this multi-asset platform. Reputable brokers have been offering MT4 as an alternative to their proprietary trading platforms for many years. 


Automated trading features, multi-device compatibility, and comprehensive analytical tools are all part of the package with MetaTrader 4. In addition, the system is easy to use and offers a wide range of options for traders of all skill levels.


Here are the top five benefits of MT4 forex trading.

What exactly is an MT4 broker?

An MT4 brokers is any broker that offers the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. MetaTrader 4 and MT5 are part of MetaQuotes Software Corp.’s range of trading platforms for mobile, online, and desktop computers. MT4 can only be offered to you as a customer if your forex broker has a valid license from the developer. It is, however, crucial to only choose MT4 brokers that have been appropriately regulated by the countries in which they operate.


  • Analytical Instruments for Every Level of Expertise

Technical indicators and charting capabilities built into MT4 make it easy to conduct price analysis. This platform has more than 30 built-in technical indicators, including significant trend and volume tools such as the MACD, RSI, OBV, Fibonacci Retracements, and more. Can view as many charts as possible at once, and each currency pair can be present in nine different timeframes ranging from one minute to monthly. You can find additional charts and indicators in the MQL4 community, and many traders also create their own.

Traders can use advanced chart analysis, mathematical tools, and sketching objects to examine price movements of all kinds. In addition, you can customize these charts to meet the needs of any trader. It is possible to save them following various trader profiles.

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From the charts, traders may forecast price movements, find support and resistance levels, define entry and exit points, and set stop-loss levels. Setting up alerts based on vital economic or financial data releases is possible. The ability to tailor access to data relevant to a specific market is also available to traders on the platform.

  • Demonstration versus Live

When trading, MT4 can be used in both a practice and a live environment. A demo is a must-have for anyone just starting. Trading techniques can be tested securely with a virtual deposit from the broker using MT4’s demo account credentials. They don’t have to spend money to test the system’s functions. 

  • Advisors with years of experience

Automated trading is possible using Expert Advisors on the MT4 platform. Diversifying one’s trading portfolio using an EA is a great idea, and there are countless of them out there. Each EA is tailored to the needs of the particular trader. EAs can also be built and run on the MT4 platform by investors who wish to do so.

  • Access to Market Prices in Real-Time

Real-time forex estimations are available through MetaTrader 4 to help traders make deals. The watch window next to currency pairings shows brokers’ real-time bids and other securities traders choose to trade.

You can get more information from the “Watch Window,” including the margin ratio, the currency used to make your trades, and the contract size your interested in. In addition, a “Depth of Market” tool provides real-time market information, such as the number of buy orders for a currency pair.

  • Easy-to-use User Interface

MT4 can handle any strategy, no matter how sophisticated. Although it is less complicated than MT5, the relative simplicity of MT6 is appealing to many. As a result, it is recommending that new traders begin with MT4 and then upgrade to MT5 if necessary.

Market orders or pending orders can use to execute trades. In the first scenario, the trader receives the current best price. Automated execution can be delayed using pending orders and stop orders.

There are a lot of valuable options in the system. Stop Loss and Take Profit are two automatic triggers that allow you to restrict unfavorable results and secure targeted rewards. It can also access Personal history. Trading is a convenient and adaptable method of making money.

Final words

MT4 remains useful despite a more complex version (MetaTrader 5). It’s recommended by both local and international brokers in a wide range of countries. Beginners and seasoned traders alike will benefit from this system’s flexibility. Live and demo accounts are supported, as well as a wide range of popular trading methods, including technical and fundamental. 

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