The Ultimate benefit of joining the network of ( PCNOK ) Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma.

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The Primary Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) is an alignment of 19 Oklahoma community health centers. PCNOK was formed in 2014 with a participated vision of working together, working to advance the triadic end of health care reform toward better care, healthier people, and smarter spending.



Overall Advantages of PCNOK

For the patient – The case feels safe and watched for from home. Thanks to connected care, he’s stimulated to follow the remedy and borrow correct cultures. In addition, he’s further independent in managing his condition.

For family members  – Family members and caregivers can count on the constant supervision of the health conditions of their relative by the health labor force, with the certainty that any acute or anomalies will be instantly detected and dealt with.

For healthcare professionals – Monitoring the parameters at home allows health workers to operate in smart working as from the sanitarium operations center and, at the same time, cover further cases.

For the SSN  – Patient Care Network makes it possible to reduce access to the exigency room and the overloading of structures. In addition, it allows you to reserve home access to those in real need. Thanks to remote backing, it’s easier to contain the contagion between healthcare professionals, cases and family members.

For the environment  – Moving data( and not cases or croakers ) reduces business and CO2 emigrations.

Multi-channel Case Care the Health at the Home platform –

The I- Tel Home Health Telemedicine result allows you to manage, coordinate and set up a set of digital services for forestallment, remote backing and case care.

From TV to integration with wearable bias to chatbots and apps, it simplifies the operation of services in support of families to treat( and take care) the senior, chronically ill and frail people.

Health at Home, a single multi-channel platform for

  • urage teleconsultation between health professionals
  • produce and manage covering operations centers
  • Some remote monitoring and remote backing systems of which I- Tel is a technological mate
  • Home Case Care Network for Covid- 19 cases in fiduciary insulation
  • SOS Smart Ostomy Support, Connected Care for the remote care of the ostomy case

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Top Challengers of PCNOK

1. CIC for Health
CIC for Health LLC is a company that operates in the Hospital & Health Care assiduity. It employs 11- 20 people and has$ 1M-$ 5M of profit.
2. Mhn Aco
The Medical Home Network Accountable Care Organization( MHN ACO), created in 2014, is a wholly provider- possessed reality comprised of 13 FQHCs
3. Midtown Family Medicine
MFM is open and seeing cases via telemedicine and in office! Driving north on Broadway you’ll be suitable to see our tempera designed


PCNOK is a primary care network that offers a wide array of health related services. These services enhance living norms of residers of Oklahoma and the girding areas. High-quality and strategic health care is accessible via PCNOK to all potential members.

The PCNOK is an alliance of 25 state medical associations working together to help patients receive safer, more efficient care. By harnessing their collective strength, each member association can offer more effective services and lower prices for their cases through working with each other. This collective group of health professionals can also enhance the quality of care, telehealth, and overall well-being of cases.

The patient care network is committed to perfecting quality of healthcare by enforcing innovative strategies and creating an terrain that promotes pastoral health. also, it’ll offer affordable, high- quality healthcare within the state.

PCNOK Weaknesses

  1. In its whole assiduity, PCNOK has the smallest request share.
  2. When it comes to the profit of the workers, PCNOK’s hand profit is less compared to the normal of the assiduity.
  3. When compared to the whole normal of the assiduity, the profit growth of PCNOK is less.
  4. With a smaller number of workers working within an association, the workers will grow sluggishly.
  5. The profit growth difference in PCNOK is advanced than the normal of the assiduity.


PCNOK was supported in 2010 with over five hundred Customers. It believes it’s essential to improve the worth of healthcare. It will deliver knowledge on disquisition programs, care collaboration and agreements. whichever, PCNOK is going to offer consulting services to associations that are changing. that will increase their profit and ameliorate the standard of their services. So, what are you staying for? visit PCNOK and find out actually you’ll be appropriate to improve your health!

The PCNOK is an affirmative association of health centers in Oklahoma. Its essential object is to boost the standard of health care through several agencies. it’s a organization cap of$ 115 million and jointly has come over five hundred p.c to investors since its IPO. nonetheless, the network’s plutocrat plans aren’t exact. The PCNOK is a superb selection for carrying high quality health care even though paying modest prices.


Q. What’s PCNOK’s total profit?

The total profit of PCNOK is $1.1 million, which is the result of 3.8 Million patient visits and over 6 Million physician visits; serving a population of over 2 Million People.

Q. How numerous workers are there in total in the PCNOK association?

Presently, there’s a aggregate of 25 workers in the PCNOK association. That’s right; 25 people who can now accept you Medicaid and charge you no money!

Q. Where is PCNOK’s headquarters?

The headquarters of PCNOK gets located in the United States. The headquarters address is
3000 N Grand Blvd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73107, United States.

Q. What are PCNOK’s main diligence?

The Main Duty of PCNOK is to provide primary care medical help to the community at an affordable. The PCNOK also partnered with local primary care clinical groups to set up regional offices.

Q. Who makes the crucial opinions of PCNOK?

Brian Carter, the Administrative Director of PCNOK, is the crucial decision- maker.

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