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If you are a video game enthusiast, you might have thought about career choices that would allow you to indulge in your love of games. These days, there are all kinds of jobs that are well-suited to people that love playing video games, whether these are roles within the video game industry or roles that are well-suited to people that play video games. Whether you are planning your first career or thinking about a career change, keep reading to discover a few career options that would be well-suited to anyone that has a love of playing video games in their spare time. 

Multimedia Artist

If you are someone that is creative as well as has a passion for video gaming, then you might find working as a multimedia artist to be an incredibly rewarding job. This role involves using your creative ability to bring the writer’s ideas to life with graphics and animation used for video games. These days, multimedia artists play a massive role in the video game industry, and it is a hugely important job.

Games Tester

Video game testing might sound like the best job in the world, and it is certainly up there if you have a passion for video games! There is always a strong need for video games testing professionals that can detect bugs and glitches, provide feedback, and generally help developers to improve their games. It would be best if you had a keen eye for detail in this role, and it can be competitive as it is such a popular role.

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Truck Driver

Outside of the industry, many people with a passion for video games also find truck driving to be rewarding work. There is a familiarity with working against the clock and trying to make deliveries on time, especially when there are many thrilling simulation games that involve exactly this these days! It can also be an easy business to start, and you can find the right delivery jobs for you with load boards that allow you to pick and choose shipping work that is available. Being a truck driver can be flexible, and you can take on work that fits your schedule. 


Video games have become increasingly more complex and story-driven in recent times and are finally starting to get the same recognition that film and TV get. This is only possible through excellent writing, which can be another exciting career path to follow working in the video game industry. 

Police Work

Many video gamers will find the idea of becoming a police officer exciting, and it is easy to see why. Like in many video games, police officers are responsible for protecting and serving the community, which can include chasing down bad guys and solving puzzles. Obviously, it is not as action-packed as a video game, but working in the police force can be highly rewarding, and you know that you will be making a positive difference.

These are just a few ideas for careers that anyone with a love of video games will enjoy and hopefully lead to a successful career. 

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