Christmas Customs You Should Consider Embracing

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Every family has its own ways of doing things and its own set of Christmas traditions. Traditions can change, though, as children get older or as families change. For example, parents might get divorced or marry new people, or there might be more children in the family. If you want to change up your Christmas this year, here are some ideas for new Christmas traditions.

Stirring The Christmas Pudding 

If you make your own Christmas pudding instead of buying one from a store, you probably already know how important it is for everyone to get a chance to stir it. If you usually buy your Christmas pudding, why not try making your own this year? Everyone in the family has to stir the pudding mix while making a wish. That wish is supposed to come true after you eat the pudding. If you live too far away to be there to stir, why not make a wish while the person making the pudding stirs? You can do this through Skype or FaceTime.

Save The Decorations 

Many families use the same Christmas decorations year after year, which is nice because it’s always fun to get them out of storage and look at them while thinking about the past. Even better is buying new Christmas decorations every year to add to the ones you already have. You’ll end up with a lot of different decorations, each of which is tied to a year and a memory. You can make it a tradition to set up your decorations on the same day every year, like the first of December. 

You can also make making and choosing the decorations part of the tradition. Then, when the kids get older and move out, and have their own homes and trees, you can give them their own ornaments and the tradition can continue. Christmas decorations can also be used to remember people who have passed away. “In memoriam” decorations are a beautiful way to make sure that our loved ones are still with us, at least in spirit.

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Christmas Eve Boxes

Some families think that Christmas Eve boxes are the best way to celebrate. Children are given boxes that are beautifully wrapped and full of wonderful gifts they can use on Christmas Eve. Hot chocolate with marshmallows, sweet treats like cookies made with a Christmas cookie stencil, a new pair of pajamas, and a book or DVD are all great ideas. You can then cuddle up with a hot drink and snacks in brand-new pajamas (always a treat) and read or watch a movie together.

Decorate The Table 

Christmas dinner should be eaten at the table, not on your laps in front of the TV. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a lot of people over or no one else at all. Decorating the table is another great family tradition that you can start. The table should look beautiful and festive, and everyone can join in. 

After the excitement of stockings and gifts and after breakfast, have everyone help make the Christmas table look as beautiful as possible. You could add candles, holly leaves, crackers, glitter, and sparkles. You could also get out the “good” dishes and fill the “posh” glasses with fizz. No matter what you do or how you do it, it’s so much fun to have everyone help make it look great.

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