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5 Best and Free Online Courses To Learn Computer Programming In 2022

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Programming is an interesting field for many computer enthusiasts. There is something special about learning the skills that add real-time functionality to globally accessed websites and software. With program or coding skills you can easily manipulate the back/front end to align with your utility or visual preferences or meet the requirements of your clients. 

Computer programmers can also enhance the user experience of digital audience. Moreover, the income of programmers is equally great. However, learning programming is pretty hard and expensive that can discourage many people from attempting it. Thankfully, today various respected brands are offering free programming courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Here is a list of 5 such courses:


Code Academy 

Code Academy brings to you a wide array of coding courses that cater to the diverse needs of the learners. No matter where you stand at your learning curve, Code Academy has certainly a course perfectly fitting your requirements. The beginners can start the journey with easier options with universal utility values like Hypertext Mark-up Language or Cascading Style Sheets. 


Once you gain some proficiency or build familiarity with these front-end technologies you can then upgrade your knowledge with the help of advanced backend languages like Python, Ruby, and RoR. It will make you capable of developing a full-fledged website by working single-handedly on both the front and backend. To make your learning journey easier and streamlined the Code Academy has created a complete comfort zone in its platform environment where you can type code, run it to see the results in a corresponding pane, and also get insights or recommendations- everything contained in the website’s platform.>


Khan Academy

 With a rich wealth of tutorials and guides along with media assets by subject matter experts the Khan academy forms a great learning ecosystem. Along with other tutorials, Khan Academy also offers in-depth programming courses. What set Khan Academy apart are the narration skills of subject experts who are proficient in imparting the knowledge. They also include personal challenges during the narration that makes things interactive. Moreover, unlike many other standard platforms, the teachers at Khan Academy have a unique sense of humor and they know how to bond instantly with the audiences by meeting them at their level of understanding. >>


MIT Open Courseware

 While it is always best to expand your knowledge, you may get concerned about the authority and eligibility of the instructors or course creators. If that is the case and if you need academically qualified instructors and syllabus then MIT Open Course Ware is the best option for you. As a reputed university MIT always has kept the bar high when it comes to quality. The MIT Open Course Ware is no exception. Here you can explore a wide variety of high-quality courses to choose from. Among others, you would also find some interesting development and programming courses. >>

 While all its courses are highly useful, a special mention goes to Introduction t computer science and programming. This expansive course spans a comprehensive collection of materials and resources to challenge your curiosity, build familiarity and make you feel less intimidated and more comfortable with programming and development. If python is what you are passionate about then you would simply fall in love with A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python.>>



Coursera has a massive inventory of online courses. To be honest, not every course is equally relevant and helpful. That said by carefully selecting, you can find genuine courses on web development, programming, and designing. >

Among others a programming course that should get a special mention is the Programming for Everyone course from the University of Michigan. It talks about the interesting language and concentrates on standard programming concepts universally applicable to different programming languages. The course uses the narration specific to Python but its core concepts have a standard approach. >>


Mozilla Developer Network

 Mozilla Developer Network is a respected name when it comes to free online courses. It is a rich repository of articles, tutorials, and informative resources. Along with in-depth information on wide-ranging topics, it also offers a variety of real-life examples to help learners get the knack of how things work in the real life. Moreover, it focuses on a structured progress approach by including topics like vocabulary, performance, optimization, basic introductions, etc. One can go through these resources before moving o to specific languages. >>

One of the most intriguing questions for new programmers is how do different websites function. You can get precise answers to this question by going through its detailed lesson- Getting started with the Web. You would also love the tutorials on HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

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