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Get Alerts About Workplace Swindlers With Computer Monitoring Software

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Embezzlement and fraud cases at the workplace have been rising for some years. The last few years are particularly important as work ethics changed abruptly and there were major changes in work-related life. Remote working methods made room for employees to be far away from strict and direct monitoring eyes of higher authorities. Thus this flexible environment can result in any sort of illegal activity from the employee end. While everything can be managed online the use of the internet and smart gadgets by the so-called cyber criminals can cause so much destruction and damage. Stealing company money or confidential data is one way but any attempt that can cause damage to the organization or company in any way can be categorized under fraud and must be confronted and eradicated right on time. 

Imagine a case scenario when your most trustworthy employee comes out as a fraud or swindler. The employees who have been with you for so many years was spying and sharing confidential data with your rivals or embezzling money from you. What will be your reaction? Well, I was shocked and honestly angry and sad. The combination of emotions and feelings helped me decide about important stuff. After that time I decided that I will not wait more or think about it another second and will simply get the computer monitoring software . The decision helped me a lot in the future and we aim not to get into any such activity ever again with the help of employee monitoring software. Here is how OgyMogy can help you in your worst and best time. 

Monitor the Financial Data :

OgyMogy gives the user remote access to the target gadget. Users can check the installed software and apps and can detect any additional software or financial app in the device. Make sure no employee is scheming any evil plot behind your back with the help of a spy app.  

Know About Any Suspicious Meeting:

Whereabouts patterns can tell you a lot about any suspicious activity or meeting with peers. One of the best ways to track any spy is to monitor their movements and whereabouts. The GPS location tracking feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app notifies the pinpoint location of the target person at any given time. You can even mark a restricted zone on Google Maps as well to get alerts about any suspicious meeting. 

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Get the IM’s chat Record:

Another source that can be used to detect any workplace fraud is the Instant messenger chat apps and social media. The use of digital platforms is very common in the work community these days. Though specific platforms like Skype and Zoom are mostly used by the corporate sector still there are other platforms involved. Assure no personal use of social media platforms and instant messenger chat apps during important meetings and get hold of the data of the official account remotely with computer monitoring software.

Monitor The Patterns:

Most employees follow patterns to get the results they want especially if it is something suspicious. Well, guess what any kind of activity will involve a keypad one way or another. The OgyMogy computer monitoring app offers a keystroke logging or keylogging feature for this purpose. Every keypad related activity is recorded and saved on the web portal. You can track secret accounts, passwords, emails and other correspondence with the help of this feature.

Screen Check:

How about the power to make surprise visits to any employee’s computer screen whenever you want. Yes Android monitoring software gives its user the power to do this without letting the target know. You can check any suspicious employee screen frequently. The app also saves the information in the form of screenshots and short videos.  

You can get the Windows version or Mac version as it is completely up to your choice. OgyMogy covers both versions and more. Just choose your favorite bundle and install the app on the target device by following easy steps. Workplace fraud can hurt badly, especially the small business owners. A computer monitoring software like the OgyMogy can help the employees and employers in many ways. Keep a check on all the workforce and get alerts about minor and major progress and work-related stuff with the help of the spy app. 





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