Which is the Best Course for Docker?

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If you are a software developer, you need to keep on updating your skills so as to keep pace with the growing technological advancements. There are new frameworks, tools, and programming languages that have replaced the old ones, and not learning about them will put you behind your peers. A container is another concept that developers need to be familiar with at present times. Basically, it is a standard unit of software that packages code and its dependencies so that an application can run faster and reliably from one computing environment to another (source: docker.com).   

Now Docker is a tool that packages applications in lightweight virtual containers that the users can easily install. Using this tool, developers can manage applications without creating any custom infrastructure. This open-source tool has today become a must-know technology for DevOps professionals. In fact, people are now taking a Docker course online to build a strong foundation in this field. 

However, there are many learning resources on the internet, and you may be overwhelmed when searching for the best training provider. We have spared you the hassle of looking for a reliable training provider, as you can find the list in this very article. We have already done our research and curated a list of top Docker courses online that you can take to learn the tool from scratch.  

Let’s get started!

Docker Certified Associate Certification Training Course

Training Provider – Simplilearn 

Willing to dive into core Docker technologies like Docker Hub, Docker Swarm, Docker Compose, Docker Containers, Dockerfile, Docker Images, and Docker Daemon? If yes, then this comprehensive course by Simplilearn is best suited for you. Coupled with features like 8x higher interaction in live classes, 3 chapter-end projects, 2 course-end assessments, and lesson-end knowledge checks, this course gives you a step-by-step understanding of Docker. 

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The program covers a number of important skills like containers, Docker service, Docker commit, docker commands, registry, Swarm, network, node, storage, volume, and security. When enrolling in this course, ensure that you have a working knowledge of the Linux operating system. In the end, you will receive an industry-recognized Docker course completion certificate. 

Getting Started with Docker 

Training Provider – Pluralsight 

Learn the basics of Docker and containers from a developer and an operations perspective through this course on Pluralsight. The instructor will explain to you how to take an application all the way from source code to a running container. Next, you will learn how Docker images are created and how they are hosted on a container registry. Moreover, you will understand how to deploy and manage multi-container applications in a declarative manner using Docker Compose. 

At the end of this beginner-level training program, you will have a strong understanding of containers and their working. You will also gain the confidence to take your experience to the next level. 

Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide 

Training Provider – Udemy 

This best-selling course on Udemy is ideal for those who want to learn how to build, test, and deploy Docker applications with Kubernetes while learning production-style development workflows. You will start with Docker from the very basics and go on to master the Docker CLI to inspect and debug running containers. You will explore how to build a CI + CD pipeline with GitHub, Travis CI, and AWS and understand how to automatically deploy your code when it is pushed to GitHub.

The course gives you access to 22 hours of on-demand video, 75 downloadable resources, and 67 articles. There are 19 sections with a total of 324 lectures. A course completion certificate is also offered at the end. 

Introduction to Containers with Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift 

Training Provider – IBM on Coursera

Willing to learn Docker directly from the experts at IBM? Well, this course gives you an opportunity to understand the benefits of containers from the top employees working in IBM. This 12-hours program is beginner-friendly and helps you learn how to build and run a container image, understand Kubernetes architecture, and write a YAML deployment file. You can follow the course material on your own schedule, solve graded quizzes and assignments, and apply your skills with hands-on projects. 

The course is also a part of two professional certificate programs by IBM – IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate and IBM DevOps and Software Engineering Professional Certificate.  

Docker for Java Developers 

Training Provider – LinkedIn Learning 

As the name suggests, this course is specifically designed for Java developers who want to get started with Docker and understand the tips and tricks tailored for them when working on the platform. The instructor will explain how to run containers and build images and how to deploy multi-container applications on multiple hosts. The program will also help you dive into Docker clustering, along with running stateful containers. By the end of the program, you will have a clear understanding of persisting the state of stateful containers and monitoring Docker containers. 

You will also receive a course completion certificate that you can share on LinkedIn and showcase your skills to prospective employers. 

With all the good options available, which one will you select and start your Docker journey?





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